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Platform check: Gamee mobile games

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Mobile app, Gamee, is holding a new competition for Construct game developers. The prizes are pretty good (not fantastic), but the Gamee player base IS fantastic, with many of the…

$100 Steam Gift Card

Time to kick up my stream game with a giveaway!

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My 2018 career goals are all about three things: X-reality development (AR/VR/MR), game development, and live streaming. I really believe that all three (and the blending of all three, especially)…

My first impressions of Unity 5.6 and Facebook Gameroom

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Late last year I went to the Unity conference, Unite. While I was there hey were discussing the features of the upcoming 5.6 update. They definitely weren’t holding back –…

Adding character to DAWT

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So DAWT has been stalled for… Well, let’s just say a long time. If I put an actual figure to how long I have been pulled away from my pet…