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By February 6, 2018Development

Mobile app, Gamee, is holding a new competition for Construct game developers. The prizes are pretty good (not fantastic), but the Gamee player base IS fantastic, with many of the games having millions of plays. Ultimately the idea of one of my games getting millions of plays is more appealing than prizes, so I’ve decided to enter.

Millions of Plays

As you can see in this screenshot, it isn’t unusual for games to get over 10 million plays, and the platform is designed for social sharing and competition.

The games on the platform are simple, quick and fun. It’s a great combination that has been drawing me back for a bit of play every day. Contests, challenges and leaderboards are baked right in to Gamee, and it definitely feels like the more friends you have playing the more fun it would be (which probably explains how they have grown so quickly).

Monetizing a Game

One of the key questions every indie developer eventually needs to ask is, “can I make money off my game”? I reached out to Gamee on Twitter to see how monetization would work if I launched my game on their platform.

While that wasn’t the most reassuring answer, some things are worth a bit of a gamble.  So I have decided to start a 2D game project, Tag Team Dungeon, for the Gamee platform. Even if it doesn’t do well in the competition, I could always release it on mobile as a stand-alone game that is ad supported and make a couple dollars off it.

Here’s a clip from my live stream as I try to make a prototype for Tag Team Dungeon.

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